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The Kiss I'd Kill For

John Allen Robinson

No-one simply vanishes. And the sea is a big place.

It's 1998, Britpop is dying, and Dan's band is folding. Returning from their final gig, aboard an overnight ferry, he meets Jen, a storyteller with a ready grin. They talk, play, and stay together till morning. Dan is captivated. But nothing is as it seems.

During the night a ferry passenger has vanished. Dan fights a thief, recovers a stolen backpack, and finds shocking clues to the disappearance: a suicide note and a link to his sister. He's not passing anything to the police till he's worked out what's real and what's fake.

But it may already be too late. Evidence has been destroyed, perhaps by Dan's best friend. As clues unfold they point at people close to him. Dan has to figure out what was really going on while he was busy falling for Jen.

Set in Northern England, Northern France and the North Sea, The Kiss I'd Kill For is a multi-layered maze of puzzles and surprises on a mystery trip back to the nineties.

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